Marketing and events for customer engagement.


You Know The Power of a Great Event


Now how do you convince the boss?

Those in sales and marketing know well the returns of creating and hosting the perfect event. Brand awareness grows and everything improves — customer relations, retention, conversions. If only those who control budgets could be persuaded easily to see your point.

If you’re keen on getting an event on the calendar but facing resistance from above, it all revolves around making a great case.

Build a good foundation on business objectives.

Make it clear that the event isn’t about the event. It’s about a desired business result. Whether it’s employee retention (reward a milestone, the landing of an important piece of business, completing key certification, etc.), customer appreciation or closing a sale, frame the rationalization for the event around a business purpose.

Know the audience and their triggers.

You have a clear picture of the event, who will be there and what it will mean to your team. Have you put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you’re pitching? Think about his or her daily frustrations, objectives and pressures. Can you frame the benefits in a way that touches on their work? At the very least convey that you understand their position and that you have done your homework to remove risk and assure ROI.

Which means budgets should be first and foremost in your thinking.

We work in an era when money talks, and every strata of an organization is listening. Have a clear sense of the exposure associated with the event (don’t worry, 54 can help), as well as a demonstrable value in the business objective. What is it worth to retain (or hire) a key employee and his book of business? What’s the long-term potential of a favored customer? Have your numbers in order — what’s the outlay, and what’s the expected return.

Lean on expertise.

No need to shoulder the entire burden. Your event partner (that would be us, your friends at 54) can be indispensable in this process. We not only button up the numbers ahead of the event, but our 360° Approach lays out the event strategy, location, guest list, event execution and follow-up within the context of your business objectives. We can even tailor our post-event follow-up to track and measure the impact. So you, and the decision makers you answer to, know the real value of your event.

We’re here to help, counsel and guide you at any stage of your pitch.

No.38 Child services/nannies vetted, hired.
No.08 Guests’ food allergies documented.
No.06 Flight info/arrival/departure monitored.
No.11 Wi-Fi availability/log-in directions confirmed.
No.25 Homes inspected for cleanliness.
No.05 All event tickets purchased.
No.30 Tours and guides vetted, confirmed.
No.41 Stadium maps delivered.
No.42 All deposits made.
No.39 Hunting/fishing forecasts checked/licenses purchased.
No.43 Aircraft seating preferences confirmed.
No.17 Guests’ likes/dislikes recorded.
No.13 Talent booked, arrival time confirmed.
No.40 Pick-up/drop-off locations scouted, confirmed.
No.54 Event dress code noted, communicated.
No.35 Luggage transfer protocols confirmed.
No.19 Security team vetted, in place.
No.48 Meeting spaces identified, inspected.
No.20 Parking and passes secured.
No.47 Staff uniforms delivered.
No.24 Local food/restaurants identified.
No.29 Boats chartered.
No.50 Extra device chargers acquired.
No.32 Bathroom amenities prepped and placed.
No.27 Community/hotel entrance codes tested.
No.21 Property map for guests created.
No.22 Golf clubs/guns rented.
No.03 Chefs vetted and secured.
No.12 Drivers interviewed, vetted.
No.36 Photographers hired.
No.28 Preferred beverages ordered.
No.23 Golf pairings made.
No.04 Dinner reservations confirmed.
No.07 Local hospitals/urgent care identified.
No.02 Lodging standards verified.
No.45 Emergency air services researched.
No.26 TV guides/local channels logged.
No.33 Home amenities prepped and placed.
No.16 Traffic patterns studied, logged.
No.53 Event’s “items prohibited” list obtained.
No.10 Event walk-through performed.
No.15 Taxes, gratuities, service fees tallied and paid.
No.52 Handicap access located, verified.
No.37 Translators vetted, hired.
No.14 Agenda/itineraries double-checked, mailed.
No.44 Tailgate party locations confirmed.
No.49 Reception halls booked.
No.51 Umbrellas/rain gear checked.
No.46 Extra sunblock ordered.
No.31 Linens inspected.
No.01 All vehicles fueled and serviced.
No.09 Weather forecast checked, proper gear secured.
No.34 Luggage tags confirmed.
No.18 Hunting/fishing guides vetted, hired.