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Top 15 Tips to Build Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

social media presence

Social media today is just a catchall term for the current state of the internet and how your customers and prospective customers expect to be able to connect with your business. To be heard in 2017, no matter what kind of business you are in, you must focus on your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and whatever networks make sense for your audience. It’s just part of modern marketing. The best thing to do is dive in and start.

We’ve put together a list of 15 action items to help you build your social media audience. The list represents key components to social media marketing success that are often overlooked. Follow these recommendations to supercharge your social media marketing efforts.

  1. Encourage User Generated Content

    Encourage your clients and customers to follow your business on social media and post content using hashtags specific to your brand.

    While hashtags are mostly used to help people find content based on topics, custom hashtags are a way to get your brand discovered and get people interested in your brand.

    Monitor social media for content posted with your custom hashtag and repost to your own channels.

  2. Humanize Your Social Media

    People like to put a face to a name or a brand. Brands using video can show their followers that they are human and not some robot.

    People like following other people. They like following people who are both real and relatable.

    If you want to gain a big social media following, post videos of your employees, fans and customers.

    Add some personality to your social media channels. Give customers real people to connect with.

  3. Engage Your Community

    Follow people who influence your clients and customers on social media and engage with them. Comment and Like their posts. Tag them in your posts when appropriate. Reshare other people’s content.

  4. Participate in Facebook Groups

    Utilize your personal profile on Facebook to engage in groups. Find groups your target audience would be interested in, join them and start engaging in the discussions.

  5. Connect with Influencers

    One of the most effective ways to gain a large social media following is by connecting with influencers admired by your customers, fans and followers. Work with influencers to spread the word about your business to their audience. Influencers offer strong third-party validation and access to an audience before you’ve built one of your own.

    By commenting on their posts, sharing their tweets and engaging them in conversation online, you will get more people viewing your content.

  6. Develop Cross Promotion Opportunities

    Do you have relationships with complimentary brands? Create social media promotions together and cross promote.

  7. Add Social Media Links to Your Email Signatures

    Make sure that everyone you communicate with via email is introduced to your social media presence, by adding links to your top social accounts in your email signature. You can do this using small social media icons or text links. You can also use something like WiseStamp to create professional signatures with your social links.

  8. Use Twitter Advertising

    If you have an advertising budget, try Twitter advertising. Twitter will promote your tweets to your target audience members to encourage them to follow you.

  9. Find Out Where Your Customers Hang Out on Social

    • Ask your customers.
    • Run a survey to your customers.
    • Use share data.
    • See where your competitors’ content is getting shared.
    • Do keyword research.
  10. Pick the Right Topics for Your Content

    Twitter is an excellent resource for researching engagement for content topics. For example, retweet an article or photo you find. Use Twitter analytics to measure the engagement it gets. If it performs well, create your own content on that topic. Look at Twitter’s trending hashtags to get ideas of what your target audience is sharing and discussing.

  11. Give Your Audience the Content They Crave

    Ask customers what kinds of information and content they’d be interested in.

  12. Run Contests and Sweepstakes

    Social media contests and sweepstakes can be highly effective for growing your social media presence. Platforms like Woobox make it easy to build and implement a successful social media promotion right on your Facebook or Twitter page. You can design the contest so participants have to follow you on your social pages to enter. Be sure the promotion is of interest to your audience.

    Once the promotion has been implemented, share it by emailing your database, running paid ads, putting out a news release and promoting it on your website, blog and social media channels.

  13. Make Use of Paid Ads

    Paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can help generate increased exposure to your page and get some new followers. You can deeply target your ads to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

  14. Publicize Your Social Presence

    Think of all the places your customers come in contact with you—in-store, emails, website, blog, print ads, business cards—the list goes on. Let people know you’d like to connect with them on social media and why they should do so. Post in-store signage. Include info about your social presence with customer invoices. Send an email after purchase, and ask the customer to share pics of their purchase on your social channels.

  15. Guest Write Articles for Blogs

    Find blogs and websites that are read by your target audience and offer to write content for them, use your author bio to promote your social channels.

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