Marketing and events for customer engagement.


Integrated Marketing: It Works For Events, Too


We’ve been at this a good while and know from experience that every well-managed corporate event pays dividends. Serving up impeccable lodging, tickets to a great game or tournament, four-star dining and stress-free transportation will, at the very least, mean your guests will fondly remember you for a long time. But there’s so much more that can be accomplished, and 54 is much more than just a ticket and a room.

There’s nothing wrong with being content merely to show your guests an unforgettable experience, and we’ll continue to make those outcomes happen as no other company can. But for those who want to leverage their events—client entertainment and employee incentive programs—for a greater goal, 54 has the mechanisms in place to make it happen.

  • Bring an integrated marketing mindset to your events. Treat your events as you would any other marketing initiative. We like to apply a disciplined five-point approach: 1) Strategy. 2) Location, Location, Location. 3) Guest Lists. 4) Working the Touch Points. 5) Measurement.
  • Strategy. It’s a company-wide thing. In many organizations, events too often function within a silo where the same individual or team is tasked with handling everything. It’s far better to build internal and external programs encouraging the entire organization—sales, marketing, purchasing and others—to lean into your entertainment strategy and contribute ideas for what your events should achieve.
  • Location is key. Is your strategy to strengthen a relationship, show a client you share his interests or build a deeper bond with a valued employee? Learning about what really interests your audience and choosing the right setting can make all the difference in achieving the goal. Could be a huge sporting event is the right venue, or an off-the-beaten-path escape, possibly action-adventure travel. We can help pinpoint the right place.
  • Speaking of “right,” invite the right people. About guest lists, we like to counsel our clients to give real thought about inviting the right people to the right event at the right time. Whether it’s a challenging prospect, a key customer, a valued employee or a potential business ally, each requires a tailored strategy to get the “yes, I will attend.” One company CEO we met with said he gets invited to dozens of events a year and only attends one or two. Why? The hosts know his interests down to the most intimate detail.
  • Take advantage of touch points. There are dozens of opportunities to reach and connect with your guest list before, during and after the event. Make the most of them. From “save the date” emails, formal invitations and sending itineraries, to thank-you cards, post-event scrapbooks and follow-ups, capitalize on every opportunity to engage, build rapport and distinguish your brand.
  • Track your exposure. We call it CPA, Cost Per Acquisition, or ROI. But it amounts to measuring your event. How deeply the analysis goes depends upon what the strategy for your event is. If your goal is lead generation, to button up a sale or to attract and retain talent, those things are important to quantify. At the very least an event postmortem can capture what was done well, what needs improvement and where savings can be found. Even if it’s back-of-the-envelope math, you’ll feel better about the expense if you know the dollars were well spent.

Now is the time to let 54 help you maximize every entertainment dollar.

No.32 Bathroom amenities prepped and placed.
No.49 Reception halls booked.
No.50 Extra device chargers acquired.
No.08 Guests’ food allergies documented.
No.41 Stadium maps delivered.
No.42 All deposits made.
No.54 Event dress code noted, communicated.
No.34 Luggage tags confirmed.
No.02 Lodging standards verified.
No.52 Handicap access located, verified.
No.20 Parking and passes secured.
No.26 TV guides/local channels logged.
No.24 Local food/restaurants identified.
No.40 Pick-up/drop-off locations scouted, confirmed.
No.15 Taxes, gratuities, service fees tallied and paid.
No.25 Homes inspected for cleanliness.
No.10 Event walk-through performed.
No.31 Linens inspected.
No.39 Hunting/fishing forecasts checked/licenses purchased.
No.03 Chefs vetted and secured.
No.36 Photographers hired.
No.47 Staff uniforms delivered.
No.28 Preferred beverages ordered.
No.05 All event tickets purchased.
No.16 Traffic patterns studied, logged.
No.53 Event’s “items prohibited” list obtained.
No.21 Property map for guests created.
No.46 Extra sunblock ordered.
No.51 Umbrellas/rain gear checked.
No.35 Luggage transfer protocols confirmed.
No.37 Translators vetted, hired.
No.12 Drivers interviewed, vetted.
No.30 Tours and guides vetted, confirmed.
No.29 Boats chartered.
No.09 Weather forecast checked, proper gear secured.
No.06 Flight info/arrival/departure monitored.
No.22 Golf clubs/guns rented.
No.17 Guests’ likes/dislikes recorded.
No.27 Community/hotel entrance codes tested.
No.13 Talent booked, arrival time confirmed.
No.01 All vehicles fueled and serviced.
No.45 Emergency air services researched.
No.38 Child services/nannies vetted, hired.
No.18 Hunting/fishing guides vetted, hired.
No.14 Agenda/itineraries double-checked, mailed.
No.48 Meeting spaces identified, inspected.
No.33 Home amenities prepped and placed.
No.23 Golf pairings made.
No.11 Wi-Fi availability/log-in directions confirmed.
No.44 Tailgate party locations confirmed.
No.07 Local hospitals/urgent care identified.
No.04 Dinner reservations confirmed.
No.43 Aircraft seating preferences confirmed.
No.19 Security team vetted, in place.