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Like writing isn’t hard enough. Now we’re fending off robots.

Here they come, the end-of-the-year prognostications from industry soothsayers hunched over their marketing trends Ouija boards. All manner of doom, gold rushes, collapses and uprisings are heading our way in 2017, depending on who you read. Here at 54, we …

Optimizing for Trust: 3 Strategies to Boost Online Sales

Online marketing tactics are constantly evolving. Changes are driven by advances in technology, the introduction of new marketing channels and, most importantly, consumer sentiment. From the first AOL instant messages in 1993 to the introduction of Google AdWords in 2000 …

No.53 Event’s “items prohibited” list obtained.
No.16 Traffic patterns studied, logged.
No.38 Child services/nannies vetted, hired.
No.47 Staff uniforms delivered.
No.44 Tailgate party locations confirmed.
No.42 All deposits made.
No.37 Translators vetted, hired.
No.20 Parking and passes secured.
No.09 Weather forecast checked, proper gear secured.
No.45 Emergency air services researched.
No.19 Security team vetted, in place.
No.51 Umbrellas/rain gear checked.
No.31 Linens inspected.
No.46 Extra sunblock ordered.
No.08 Guests’ food allergies documented.
No.40 Pick-up/drop-off locations scouted, confirmed.
No.22 Golf clubs/guns rented.
No.03 Chefs vetted and secured.
No.36 Photographers hired.
No.14 Agenda/itineraries double-checked, mailed.
No.15 Taxes, gratuities, service fees tallied and paid.
No.25 Homes inspected for cleanliness.
No.26 TV guides/local channels logged.
No.54 Event dress code noted, communicated.
No.10 Event walk-through performed.
No.01 All vehicles fueled and serviced.
No.39 Hunting/fishing forecasts checked/licenses purchased.
No.30 Tours and guides vetted, confirmed.
No.21 Property map for guests created.
No.17 Guests’ likes/dislikes recorded.
No.24 Local food/restaurants identified.
No.13 Talent booked, arrival time confirmed.
No.29 Boats chartered.
No.35 Luggage transfer protocols confirmed.
No.28 Preferred beverages ordered.
No.05 All event tickets purchased.
No.11 Wi-Fi availability/log-in directions confirmed.
No.49 Reception halls booked.
No.32 Bathroom amenities prepped and placed.
No.07 Local hospitals/urgent care identified.
No.50 Extra device chargers acquired.
No.48 Meeting spaces identified, inspected.
No.12 Drivers interviewed, vetted.
No.33 Home amenities prepped and placed.
No.27 Community/hotel entrance codes tested.
No.18 Hunting/fishing guides vetted, hired.
No.06 Flight info/arrival/departure monitored.
No.43 Aircraft seating preferences confirmed.
No.23 Golf pairings made.
No.41 Stadium maps delivered.
No.52 Handicap access located, verified.
No.34 Luggage tags confirmed.
No.04 Dinner reservations confirmed.
No.02 Lodging standards verified.