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Making Your List and Checking It Twice

Making lists, it’s an age-old idea and a way to survive this human existence. Philosopher and novelist, Umberto Eco goes as far to say, “The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. …

Work Culture – What We Value the Most

A quick Google search of the phrase “work culture” returns 1.4 billion hits. In fact, Google is typically cited as one of the companies with the best work culture. But what does work culture really mean? One of the definitions …

Happy Hour. Five Reasons to Make It Part of Your Workscape

We love this digital era and what it’s meant for client service and our own day-to-day operations. We’ve loved it from the start. Burrisland was among the first agencies to adopt online project management, and for more than 15 years …

No.31 Linens inspected.
No.49 Reception halls booked.
No.25 Homes inspected for cleanliness.
No.24 Local food/restaurants identified.
No.46 Extra sunblock ordered.
No.51 Umbrellas/rain gear checked.
No.23 Golf pairings made.
No.30 Tours and guides vetted, confirmed.
No.54 Event dress code noted, communicated.
No.05 All event tickets purchased.
No.06 Flight info/arrival/departure monitored.
No.12 Drivers interviewed, vetted.
No.42 All deposits made.
No.36 Photographers hired.
No.22 Golf clubs/guns rented.
No.34 Luggage tags confirmed.
No.35 Luggage transfer protocols confirmed.
No.38 Child services/nannies vetted, hired.
No.48 Meeting spaces identified, inspected.
No.14 Agenda/itineraries double-checked, mailed.
No.20 Parking and passes secured.
No.15 Taxes, gratuities, service fees tallied and paid.
No.39 Hunting/fishing forecasts checked/licenses purchased.
No.27 Community/hotel entrance codes tested.
No.29 Boats chartered.
No.40 Pick-up/drop-off locations scouted, confirmed.
No.44 Tailgate party locations confirmed.
No.21 Property map for guests created.
No.17 Guests’ likes/dislikes recorded.
No.09 Weather forecast checked, proper gear secured.
No.43 Aircraft seating preferences confirmed.
No.47 Staff uniforms delivered.
No.04 Dinner reservations confirmed.
No.37 Translators vetted, hired.
No.16 Traffic patterns studied, logged.
No.07 Local hospitals/urgent care identified.
No.10 Event walk-through performed.
No.19 Security team vetted, in place.
No.28 Preferred beverages ordered.
No.08 Guests’ food allergies documented.
No.13 Talent booked, arrival time confirmed.
No.03 Chefs vetted and secured.
No.01 All vehicles fueled and serviced.
No.50 Extra device chargers acquired.
No.26 TV guides/local channels logged.
No.18 Hunting/fishing guides vetted, hired.
No.02 Lodging standards verified.
No.11 Wi-Fi availability/log-in directions confirmed.
No.53 Event’s “items prohibited” list obtained.
No.45 Emergency air services researched.
No.41 Stadium maps delivered.
No.33 Home amenities prepped and placed.
No.52 Handicap access located, verified.
No.32 Bathroom amenities prepped and placed.