Marketing and events for customer engagement.

Merging a 31-year-old, traditional and digital marketing communications company with superlative corporate event planning and execution, 54 wields a 360° range of integrated tools to facilitate meaningful connections between our clients and their customers.

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Simplifying engagement between customers and companies.

Customers no longer accept being sold to. Buying decisions are chiefly shaped by your customers’ own discoveries about your product and company. Is your story compelling? Is it authentic? Is your value proposition meaningful? And is all this important information showing up where customers and prospects can find it in the vast digital and analog landscape? It can be.

With our 360° range of marketing tools — traditional, digital and experiential — 54 is uniquely equipped among agencies to cultivate deep customer engagements that turn the buying decision in your favor.

  • Branding, Positioning, Awareness

    In the era of online immediacy, a brand’s reputation is always at risk. Customers know and share more so an authentic brand story matters more than ever.

  • Corporate Event Planning and Execution

    Chemistry still counts in the buyer/seller equation. 54 has refined the corporate event into a strategic mechanism for connecting and bonding with key constituents.

  • Generating Qualified Leads

    Traditional direct mail to digital campaigns and beyond, we deploy the right tactics to the right audience at the right time to uncover and nurture qualified leads.

  • Measuring and Reporting

    Tracking performance of each marketing component, analyzing the data, adjusting to maximize return on investment and reportage are central to all we do.

“54 demonstrated they could provide us with measurable added value, savings, efficiency and choice.”

Geoff Gray, President of National Accounts
Signature Consultants

“From launching Precedent, our flagship golf car, to the roll-out of Visage, our industry-leading technology package, they’ve been a part of every major innovation we’ve introduced for almost 30 years.”

Tim Walls, Marketing Communications Leader
Club Car, LLC

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